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In today's technologically advanced world, the cyber landscape is rapidly evolving. The risk of cyber threats, from business email compromise to credential threats, is a persistent concern for businesses across all sectors, especially for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It is more critical than ever to stay ahead of these challenges and safeguard your business and clients from potential cyber harm.

This is where the DarkXposed Cyber Intelligence Partner Program comes in. We are a leading cyber intelligence company, dedicated to helping businesses protect their data, systems, and operations from an increasingly complex cyber threat landscape.

We are thrilled to announce our partner program designed specifically to help businesses like yours not only reduce the risk of cyber attacks but also to spread this important mission.

Why Join the DarkXposed Partner Program?

1. Exclusive Access to Cyber Intelligence: Partners gain heavily discounted access to our 24/7 threat intelligence around your database. This includes real-time cyber education and intelligence updates, ensuring you and your clients are always informed and prepared.

2. Expand Your Business Safeguarding Capabilities: By partnering with us, you get access to our robust cyber education and intelligence infrastructure. We help educate your team, whilst monitoring your business email domains, key suppliers and clients to identify potential cyber threats early. This ultimately helps to significantly reduce your cyber risk and enhances trust amongst your clients.

3. Generous Referral Program: Our partnership comes with a lucrative referral program. For each business you refer that becomes our client, you earn benefits, leading to additional revenue streams for your business.

4. Co-branded Email Campaigns: To help spread cyber intelligence awareness, we offer co-branded email campaigns. These customized emails provide valuable insights to your database, simultaneously enhancing your brand's reputation as a cyber-safe business.

5. Exclusive Webinars and Briefings: We offer partners the unique opportunity to host webinars targeted at their audience, providing critical information on current cyber threats and best practices for mitigation. Our exclusive cyber intelligence briefings also ensure that you and your clients are up-to-date on the latest developments in the field of cybersecurity.

In a nutshell, joining the DarkXposed Partner Program not only equips you with state-of-the-art cyber education and cyber intelligence infrastructure, but also enables you to extend these essential services to your clients. This shared commitment to cyber awareness and cyber intelligence can significantly enhance your cybersecurity client relationships, boost your brand's credibility, and, most importantly, ensure the safety and security of your digital assets.

With DarkXposed, you can assure your clients that their cyber safety is your priority. Let's join forces to create a safer cyber space for all.

About DarkXposed

Our intelligence solution DarkXposed is unique, as it works with multiple independent enterprise-level PIAs threat intelligence units (TIUs) globally to provide an aggregated intelligence awareness outcome for our clients. 

Rather than relying on one or two PIAs, DarkXposed leverages multiple PIAs/TIUs which significantly increases the chances of discovering compromised credentials for our wide variety of clients.

Furthermore, we work as a co-managed solution to support and provide your internal team, along with your clients and external IT cybersecurity advisors with 24/7 live monitoring of the dark web.

Note: Our Threat Intelligence Units (TIUs) monitor your business domain, email addresses and key clients and suppliers – looking for exposed credentials that we can find – that are up for sale on the dark web. 

DarkXposed: Moment-in-Time Report

Hackers are targeting you, your clients and suppliers, trying to put you out of business! DarkXposed's 'Moment In Time' Cyber Intelligence Report provides you with a confidential snapshot of the current threats directed at your team, clients and suppliers at a specific point in time.

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Compliance Assurance on Business Domain Credentials Exchange

At DarkXposed, we respect and understand the critical nature of privacy and data protection in our professional relationships. In the context of our collaboration involving your organization, your clients, and your suppliers, we want to assure you that we strictly comply with all privacy regulations, including GDPR.

The exchange of business domain credentials, such as the '@xyzcompany.com' addresses for your organization, your clients, or your suppliers, does not constitute a violation of privacy or GDPR regulations. This information is categorized as business contact data, distinct from personal data, and sharing such information is considered a standard and compliant practice in professional interactions.

Please note, we do not require nor request personal or sensitive information such as passwords, usernames, dates of birth, or any other information that may be classified as personal or sensitive under GDPR guidelines. Our commitment is to protect the integrity and confidentiality of all shared data, rigorously adhering to all applicable laws and standards.

Your trust is important to us, and we want to assure you that we handle all operations involving the exchange of business domain credentials with the utmost care. If you have any further concerns or questions about our data protection practices, we encourage you to contact our dedicated compliance team.

Your business and its privacy is safe with DarkXposed - Cyber Risk Intelligence.

DarkXposed Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Risk Intelligence Pty Ltd

Limitations of Service: It is not possible for Cyber Risk Intelligence or DarkXposed to discover all compromised credentials or to guarantee other services as being 100% correct. For best results, all services should be used ONLY to help support accepted 'best practice' cyber security procedures.

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