Hackers are targeting you, your clients and suppliers, trying to put you out of business! 

Our 'Moment In Time' Cyber Intelligence Report provides you with a snapshot of the current threats directed at your team, clients and suppliers at a specific point in time.

Moment In Time Cyber Intelligence Report

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DarkXposed Moment-in-Time Intelligence Reports: Detailed Snapshot of Current Cyber Threats for Just $495

In the face of complex and evolving cyber threats, identifying the immediate risks to your business can feel like navigating an endless maze. 

That's where DarkXposed’s Moment-in-Time Intelligence Reports comes in. 

For only $495, we deliver a detailed snapshot of the cyber threats currently targeting your team, clients, and suppliers. Tailored to your business, these reports empower you to effectively navigate the cyber threat landscape.

Customised Reports For Every Stage of Your Business

Our Moment-in-Time Intelligence Reports are designed to help businesses at all stages, from startups to established companies.

For Small-Scale Startup Leaders

Startup leaders like Emma face unique challenges as they try to grow their businesses while keeping them secure. 

Through her Moment-in-Time Intelligence Report, Emma was able to check her personal Gmail account and identify that her credentials had been exposed on the Dark Web. Her business email had begun to show signs of password exposure too. 

This crucial insight enabled Emma to act swiftly, protecting her startup and its nascent reputation from harm.

For Growing Business Owners

Owners of growing businesses, like David, have an increasing number of elements to manage. David's Moment-in-Time Intelligence Report unveiled a startling revelation – three of his suppliers had been exposed on the Dark Web. 

Furthermore, he began to identify which team members' credentials were being targeted. With this intelligence, David could educate his expanding team on their individual exposure and adjust their cybersecurity measures accordingly. 

This proactive step helped David secure his supply chain, maintaining trust and operational continuity.

For Established Small-Medium Business Owners

For established small business owners like Susan, vigilance is key to keeping their hard-earned reputation intact. 

Susan's Moment-in-Time Intelligence Report identified key members of her team that were consistently being targeted by cybercriminals. Not only did the report reveal who these members were, but it also showed the exposed credentials, PII, and passwords that were visible and up for sale. 

Thanks to this invaluable intelligence, Susan could alert her team and reinforce her defenses, crucially safeguarding her business reputation against potential cyber threats.

What's Inside a Moment-in-Time Intelligence Report?

Each report investigates four key areas:

Personal Credential Risk

Examines your personal email credentials, PII, and password risks, both past and present.

Internal Business Credential Risk

Analyses your team member credentials, PII, and password risks to identify team members who may be targeted by cybercriminals.

Supplier Credential Risk

Looks for key supplier credentials, PII, and password risks. Identifies suppliers who may be used by cybercriminals to access your systems. (We do not disclose supplier information.)

Client Credential Risk

Reports on key client credentials, PII, and password risks. Identifies clients who may be used by cybercriminals to access your systems. (We do not disclose client information.)

The report then provides you with a "Cyber Intelligence Risk Rating", offering an overview of risk based on your business's exposed Email Credentials/PII and identified passwords.

Benefits of Moment-in-Time Intelligence Reports

  • Tailored Intelligence: Each report is customised to your business, delivering the most relevant cyber threat intelligence.
  • Actionable Insights: Our reports provide not only the risks but actionable steps to help you mitigate these threats.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: DarkXposed leverages aggregated intelligence derived from multiple Threat Intelligence Units (TIUs) for a comprehensive view of the Dark Web.
  • Risk Rating: Gain a clear understanding of your business's exposure with our Cyber Intelligence Risk Rating Matrix.

Remember, a more comprehensive cyber health assessment might involve additional factors like your online presence, your use of cloud services, and your employees' cyber practices. Our Moment-in-Time Intelligence Reports are designed to support accepted 'best practice' cybersecurity procedures.

For just $495, you can gain access to your tailored DarkXposed’s Moment-in-Time Intelligence Report. Stay ahead of the cyber threat curve and fortify your business defences today.

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Limitations of Service: It is not possible for Cyber Risk Intelligence or DarkXposed to discover all compromised credentials or to guarantee other services as being 100% correct. For best results, all services should be used ONLY to help support accepted 'best practice' cyber security procedures.

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